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Super and SMSF

Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) is the fastest growth industry in Australia since approximately 1998. With over 450,000 SMSF funds with an average member balance of almost $500,000 the SMSF industry is huge. However, it is also one of the lowest performing investment segments due to lack of Trustee investment expertise. We have staff with extensive SMSF administration and technical experience. We are known to provide the best personalised SMSF strategies. Our SMSF expertise is second to none and means that we can support any SMSF issue.

  • Establishment of a fund
  • Winding up of a fund
  • Guidance on SMSF borrowing and Unit Trust investments
  • Advice prior to transactions or fund changes
  • Guidance on matrimonial breakdown and SMSF impact
  • Deed upgrade, trustee changes and tailored solutions
  • Accounting, tax and financial reporting for any fund
  • SMSF audit for non-client funds

Despite the growth of the SMSF sector SMSF may not be a suitable structure for many clients:

  • Marital breakdown
  • Trustees who have concern for the effort and time involved for such a responsibility.
  • Balances under approx $200,000 (or higher)
  • A fund where investments are poorly utilised (i.e. high cash holdings) or poorly invested by the unqualified Trustees. Many SMSFs are established for "control" yet Trustees don't exercise the control resulting in poor returns.
  • Where all members are not fully involved in decisions. The "minor" members can be subject to loss of some or all their fund without recourse.
  • Spendthrift Trustees and members
  • Older members who cease to be capable of managing their affairs as a Trustee
  • Members who seek illegal early access.

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Tax Specialists

We specialize in providing proactive tax planning strategies for our clients. High earning individuals and business clients can benefit by speaking to one of our tax advisors.


Good, fundamental book keeping will ensure that your accounts are up to date and give you proper control of your business. With over 85% of business failure attributed to poor financial control, skilled and professional bookkeeping will give you results that speak for themselves.

Superannuation Planning

Taking the time to plan for your future makes good financial sense. Ensure you have the money to live the lifestyle you'd like during your retirement.

Investment Properties

Preparation of negative gearing tax schedules for all investment properties. Including Depreciation Calculations and Special Building Write offs.