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Investor Tax Advice

Price Accounting Services is the leading provider of accounting and taxation services for superannuation and investment clients in Sydney. Contact us if you are looking for tax advice and investment planning services.

From our perspective investors come in two types:

  1. Our financial planning clients; and
  2. DIY investors

Our Price Financial Intelligence clients enjoy the simplicity of streamlined support.

  • We maintain their CGT records (if applicable)
  • We review their annual CGT position and ensure that the CGT position is balanced at the end of the financial year where possible to avoid unnecessary tax implications; and
  • We identify potential ability to make personal superannuation contributions that are tax deductible and attend to the formal notices essential for such a deduction
  • We monitor and manage franking credits to ensure credits are not lost through the 45 day trading rule. Most other financial planner reports automatically assume these credits are lost however as we hold the trading records we can verify eligibility and ignore reporting assumptions.
  • We identify clients eligible for superannuation co-contributions and assist to ensure this benefit is obtained.

Price Financial Intelligence clients enjoy a high level of focussed support that ensures they maximise all tax outcomes. Hence our in house Price Accounting Services is the most sought after when it comes to expert tax advice.

Many DIY investors like the control and autonomy of managing their own funds. Some do it well but many do it poorly often as they lack time, focus and experience in funds management. If you wouldn't consider building your own home perhaps you aren't qualified for managing your own finances like a licensed adviser.

We can support DIY client taxation reporting with:

  • Identifying opportunities when using a different CGT method may reduce taxable gains.
  • Maintaining client CGT records or advising when they are incorrect;
  • Review of client CGT calculations for accuracy and missed opportunity;
  • Advice on changing investment ownership to reduce tax costs. i.e. In specie transfer of personal shares to superannuation which may also access the co-contribution;
  • Claims for TFN withholding from dividend and trust income
  • Recording "tax-deferred" trust distributions which have a CGT impact.

As many of our clients hold investments we see many issues overlooked through poor reporting and record keeping. As your taxation preparation is performed by experienced staff rather than junior accountants errors are quickly indentified.

We provide you with the best investment planning services to suit your needs and objectives. We regularly indentify poor DIY investment opportunities and following discussion and advice those clients consider changing to Price Financial Intelligence management for enhanced returns and risk management to avoid losses. This decision is solely yours but we are happy to identify clients at risk and offer guidance to protect their wealth.

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Tax Specialists

We specialize in providing proactive tax planning strategies for our clients. High earning individuals and business clients can benefit by speaking to one of our tax advisors.


Good, fundamental book keeping will ensure that your accounts are up to date and give you proper control of your business. With over 85% of business failure attributed to poor financial control, skilled and professional bookkeeping will give you results that speak for themselves.

Superannuation Planning

Taking the time to plan for your future makes good financial sense. Ensure you have the money to live the lifestyle you'd like during your retirement.

Investment Properties

Preparation of negative gearing tax schedules for all investment properties. Including Depreciation Calculations and Special Building Write offs.